Dubli is leading the way!

Sep 18

Dubli is exploding and I am here to let you know why.



Due to the unbelievable growth that is occurring right now with Dubli and our team I have not had time to make new videos explaining the greatest business model I have seen in my 21 years as a networking professional.

I will be creating some new videos shortly that explains how not only Dubli is the best business model in the world but also the easiest to build. What we offer the end consumer holds more value then you will find in any other company, guaranteed!

With all that said I want to make sure that you get the proper information about Dubli so that your decision becomes easy…¬† You will say, “Just let me in NOW!”


The easiest way for me to help you out so that you don’t continue to miss out on the explosive Dubli growth is to either talk to you in person or sit you down on a private webinar just for you (Your friends and colleagues are more than welcome also).


Contact me as soon as possible. Every day matters. Feel free to call or email me to set up a conversation or webinar.

Chris McPherson

cell phone (970) 230-0958

email –


I look forward to talking with you. By the end you will fully understand how this is the best business that has come available to people from all walks of life.

Sep 01

Dubli changing the home based business world!

The word is out and growth is going to be exponential.


The time to take notice is NOW!


It is amazing to see what has occurred in the last several months with some new announcements and strategic maneuvering. Keep coming back to my blog as I will be adding some incredible information and videos that you will not want to miss. This is Big Business, BIG!!

In the meantime if you have any questions that you need answered please email me at or give me a call at (970) 230-0958. If you don’t get me live please do leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Please take a look around my blog and understand that everything you see has got much more exciting and valuable to not only consumers but also those who choose to take part in building the greatest business they will ever see.

There is a reason that folks like Kristian Hoenicke, Matt Trainer, Sam Crowley, John Lavenia, Tony Rush and many more exceptional marketers and legacy network marketers are jumping on board.

100% Customer Driven business in a market that every single consumer in the world takes part in. Don’t MISS this one!

May 20

Dubli – Pure Convenience and Value

Dubli Is Built On Value!

The more that I and the individuals that I have introduced to Dubli use the shopping, travel, and entertainment portal the more we realize the unprecedented value and convenience we have at our fingertips.

The convenience of shopping from your home just makes sense. Personal time these days to do what you want to do just seem to be fewer and fewer. We all have hectic lives where it seems that 24 hours in a day are just not sufficient enough to accomplish all that we need to get done. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reclaim some of that time for YOU.

Dubli offers more than just some time freedom

Although I love the time that Dubli gives back to me by allowing me to shop for everything I was going to shop for at all the same merchants I was going to shop at but it also puts cash back in my pocket.

When you have the ability to shop at over 1700+ merchants from the comfort of your own home and at the same time get the best prices plus cashback you come to the conclusion that this revolutionary. Why in the world would I not want to be a customer of Dubli and receive value that you cannot find anywhere else?

Oh and don’t forget the travel savings that you absolutely cannot find anywhere else. How can you go wrong when Dubli partners like Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelolicty offer the best prices in the industry plus give you the highest cashback percentages that exist.

Dubli is… Pure Convenience and Value

Dubli allows me to avoid door dings and parking rage.

Dubli allows me to avoid door dings and parking rage.

I love not having to fight for parking. No more being a weekend warrior at the local shopping centers.

Does it not make sense to just shop from home and avoid all the hassles of traditional on-site shopping?

Now I understand that some of you just love to shop and you like to be in the stores. I understand that you want to try the clothing on, you want to physically touch the product, and that is great. For all those that want to be in the store I have a surprise for you… Just go to Dubli and find the merchants that you are going to shop at and order some gift cards. Why? Because you will get cashback on the gift cards and still can be in the store to get your fix. Now that is Dubli Value!

Be one of the first of your friends to enjoy the new era of shopping. Once you do just invite your friends to join you on Dubli and you can take part in the customer referral program. Get incentives for inviting others.

Start a free account with Dubli today. Just CLICk Here!



Feb 26

Dubli – The Incredible Business Model Explained

Dubli – The Incredible Business Model Explained

Dubli’s business model is focused entirely on the acquisition of customers who want to get paid back for their shopping, love music, watch movies, read ebooks, listen to audio books, love to travel, and… the list goes on and on. All of this is available on the Dubli website ( Or will be available very soon) plus an innovative and dynamic mobile app that will be rolled out during the beginning of 2013. What this mobile app will allow you to do will be game changing and will change the way people shop and entertain themselves.

Shopping on Steroids.

Shopping on Steroids.

Dubli offers unprecedented value with these features

  • Cashback shopping mall. Earn up to 70% cashback with over 1700+ merchants*.
  • Comparative shopping search engine. Always get the best deal for what you are looking for.
  • Travel shopping. Cashback on all your travel needs.
  • Dubli eStore. Get cashback and best deals on all your software and online gaming needs.
  • Entertainment portal with over 18,000,000 streaming songs from all your favorite singers and groups.
  • Millions of music videos.
  • 44,000 Streaming radio stations from around the world.
  • eBooks, audio books, and streaming movies (Coming in the first quarter of 2013)
  • Free world class email account.
  • Cloud storage for all needs.
  • Social Hub and news feeds that you customize for your needs.
  • So much more coming in 2013!

Dubli presentation by VP Dean Mannheimer (Video)


Dean Mannheimer discusses the 4 Pillars of the DubLi Offering to the consumer. DubLi Entertainment, the DubLi Cash Back Mall, the DubLi Travel Portal as well as the DubLi Media Center.

The time is now to learn more about the Business Opportunity that is available to you right now. Contact me via the Contact Me tab in the menu bar and let’s get you started with the most exciting business that has ever been offered. The market is wide open. Becoming a Dubli business associate will be the best decision you can make for yourself and your family.

Or if you are ready to get started then CLICK HERE and get ready for the ride of your life.

Feb 16

Dubli Merchant of The Week – Pet Smart

Dubli Merchant of the week for 2-15 to 2-22 is Pet Smart!

Dubli is offering 10% cashback on all purchases at Pet Smart. Now that you have taken care of your significant other you can now splurge on your pet.

Does your dog need a new bed or some new toys? How about getting some new scratch pads or climbers for your feline friends.

All you have to do is start a free account with Dubli and start your pet shopping spree. Remember you are getting 10 cents back for every dollar you spend. Plus you will have access to all of Pet Smart’s great online deals.

So get to Dubli and begin taking care of man’s best friend… or the ones that purrrrrrrr!

Just CLICK HERE and you will be making your pet’s day.

Cashback Pet Shopping with Dubli!

Cashback Pet Shopping with Dubli!

Feb 08

Dubli Merchant of the Week –

Dubli Merchant of the Week is for Feb. 8-15!!

Don’t forget to go and get your Valentine a special something from Dubli. At you can get some beautiful flowers and gifts for your special someone.

Not into flowers… Then go to and search through 1700+ top tier merchants to find the perfect Valentine’s gift and receive the best deals. Plus receive CASHBACK on every purchase.

Get the flowers if you want a little nookie...

Get the flowers if you want a little nookie…

Jan 27

Why Did You Send Me Here Instead Of Directly To Dubli.Com?

Up to 70% Cashback at over 1700+ of your favorite merchants.

Up to 70% Cashback at over 1700+ of your favorite merchants.

[important][/important]Great Question!!

The reason you are on my site is because I do not want you to casually dabble with Dubli. Why? Because if you don’t realize the unprecedented value that Dubli offers you, I would feel guilty that you were not saving incredible amounts of money or changing your financial life for you and your family.

If you take the time to explore my resources here, you will see the value in becoming a member (customer) of Dubli and/or a Dubli independent business associate. One of the greatest assets that Dubli offers is that whether you are just a customer or a Dubli business associate you WILL receive incredible value.

I hope you see the value that thousands are receiving now, with millions soon to follow¬† … and if you have any questions or comments please use the contact tab in the menu bar.

Chris McPherson

If this is your first exposure to Dubli I highly encourage you to watch these videos. I personally walk you through Dubli. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS

Jan 27

More Value Coming To Dubli on Feb. 5, 2013!!!!

On February 5th Dubli will be releasing some incredible new features and tools to the ever growing platform. One of the biggest value added features will be the new Travel Mall that will consist of nearly ever travel source provider. From travel packages, airfare, car rentals, cruises, hotel bookings, and ever other travel related need, the Dubli Travel Mall will have you covered. The best part is that every purchase from the Travel Mall will pay you cashback.

Don’t forget that you can still shop the shopping mall with over 55 million products from over 1700+ merchants to purchase all the items you were going to purchase anyways, from the same merchants you were going to shop from anyways and receive cashback up to 70% depending on the merchant you purchase from.

Happy Shopping!!!